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What Are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are similar to braces in the way they move teeth, but without the metal wires and brackets. They are sometimes referred to as invisible braces. Clear aligners are removable and are made of a custom fit, strong and clear medical grade plastic that is barely noticeable in the smile. They can easily be cleaned and allow you to brush and floss without the wires from traditional braces getting in the way.

Added bonus is that clear aligners can be removed for special occasions if need be. However, most people will not notice that you’re wearing them. There is very minimal, if any, discomfort when you do wear them, in comparison to braces which can be quite uncomfortable.

How Often Do You Change Your Aligners?

A typical case will involve changing aligners every 2 weeks and we recommend wearing for at least 20+ hours/day. The general timeframe for treatment completion is 3 to 9 months. However, treatment duration is highly dependent on the severity of the case and how compliant you are with wearing them. The more severe the case the more treatment time required. At Australian Smile Clinics we will ensure you’re kept comfortable and informed through the process.

Am I Suitable for Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners can be used to correct a variety of orthodontic concerns, such as crowding, spacing and issues with the bite. However, some major cases may need traditional braces. Nonetheless, we offer a free consultation with our highly trained dentists to assess which option is best for you and you will be pointed in the right direction.




Can My Child Get Clear Aligners?

Clear aligner therapy is available for children and teenagers, offering a convenient and discreet option for orthodontic treatment. However, it’s important to wait until all baby teeth have fallen out and all adult teeth are present before starting treatment. To achieve optimal results, it’s crucial for children to wear their aligners for at least 22 hours a day. This requires a commitment to compliance and proper care for their teeth. Unlike braces, which are fixed in place, clear aligners offer flexibility and comfort while straightening teeth.

Check out this remarkable transformation of our 12-year-old patient! He came to Australian Smile Clinics seeking an alternative to wire brace. With clear aligners, his smile was corrected in just 4 months! The most important factor in considering aligners for kids is compliance, and this young patient exceeded all expectations and has such a beautiful smile to show for it! Ready to explore clear aligners as a discreet and effective option for your child’s smile? Contact us today to learn more!

How Does It Work?

Your teeth straightening treatment will be administered by dentists that are registered by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). You will be seen by us in person and have a relevant examination as well as radiographs taken.

Our exam allows us to properly diagnose what is needed and the 3D radiographs allow us to visualise the roots of the teeth we’re planning to move. This customised plan ensures that your smile aligners and teeth aligners are perfect for you and reduces the chance of any negative outcomes. It also makes teeth straightening with the clear braces far more accurate and predictable. We may also place attachments onto your teeth, decreasing treatment time and getting more precise results.

Step 1

Book a FREE Consultation!

Call us or click here to book your complimentary consultation. Our reception team will get in contact with you to answer any questions you may have and find a time that is best for you to come in.

Step 2

Treatment Plan with Dentist

Using the latest 3D scan technology & full mouth x-ray on site, a personalised treatment plan will be designed for you by our team of dentists. You will see how your teeth are going to move and what can be achieved during your treatment time.

Step 3

Pick up your aligners within 5 weeks

Once you’ve made payment, you will receive your aligners and be provided all the information for correct wear and maintenance. You will receive regular monitoring by your dentist throughout your treatment and be advised to change aligners every 2 weeks.

Step 4

Congratulations on your new smile!

Your forever smile is now complete! You will receive 1 set of FREE customised retainers to keep those teeth in their new positions.

Lowest Prices in Australia

High Quality Clear Aligners at Affordable Prices

Starting from just $2699 – make your dream smile a reality with clear aligners treatment. We offer a free consultation with our highly-trained dentists who can assess what is required.

Transform Your SMILE with Clear Aligners

Why Choose Australian Smile Clinics

High Quality, Comfortable Teeth Aligners You Can Trust


Trust that your teeth straightening treatment will be administered and monitored every step of the way by Australian dentists.


Our prices are unmatched in Australia, with only two fixed prices of $2,699 and $3,999!


Clear aligners are much more comfortable and easy to wear than tradiitional wire braces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we list some of the questions most frequently asked by our patients! If there is anything you want to know that is not covered below our friendly staff would be more than happy to help! Please call or email us today!

The price is much lower than other dentists? It seems too good to be true!

We only deliver the one treatment, teeth straightening with Clear Aligners, sometimes referred to as Invisible or Clear Braces! By running a streamlined operation with the latest technology dedicated to only this service, we keep our Invisible aligners costs low. By focusing on only this select service, our dentists get extensive experience and become extremely efficient, further increasing the quality of our work and our efficiency. This means there’s even more savings to pass on to our patients!

My dentist tells me that if the price is so cheap, the quality is low. After all, you get what you pay for right?

This is incorrect. At Australian Smiles Clinics, we use the highest quality materials, all locally sourced from Australian suppliers, and TGA approved.

We proudly offer the highest quality results utilising cutting edge technology and we can say unequivocally that there is no compromise on quality at Australian Smiles Clinics and we do not cut corners, despite our low prices.

In a full-service dental surgery, a complete range of services is delivered which is often time consuming for dentists and requires a large volume of specific and costly materials, equipment, and instruments. Additionally, multiple support and administration staff are required to handle the volume of work associated with a full-service dentist. Here at Australian Smiles Clinics we have made a conscious decision to eliminate these procedures. By limiting our services to just clear aligners we are extremely efficient and we have been able to bring down operational costs significantly, and can pass these savings on to you, our patients.

So, while our Invisible Aligners cost much less than other dentists, we are a private company owned by a group of 23 dentists and we stand behind our quality 100%!

How qualified are your dentists and where are your dentists trained?

Most of our dentists are locally trained in leading universities around Australia. For our other dentists that have trained overseas in the UK, Europe, or the subcontinent, they have passed rigorous exams to ensure their suitability for Australian practice and have since had extensive experience in private practice settings around Australia. All our dentists have current Australian registration and engage in regular continuing education. Many of our dentists are even delivering teeth aligner training courses or mentoring to other dentists all around Australia in clear aligners. You’re in safe hands with a highly experienced team with 100+ years of combined experience. So while our invisalign cost is low, you can feel comfortable that you're in good hands!

I need a clean and/or fillings and/or other services not listed on your website. Can you do this for me?

We love that you love our services and want to entrust all your dental care with us, however, to keep our invisible aligners cost as low as possible, we unfortunately are unable to provide all types of treatment at Australian Smiles Clinics. While we cannot do these treatments ourselves, we do have partner surgeries that are able to deliver these treatments for you, and we would be happy to make a recommendation. Alternatively, you can keep seeing your regular dentist for these treatments and see us for your clear aligner therapy.