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Value Dental Centres

While our services at Australian Smile Clinics is limited to clear aligners, our partner clinic Value Dental Centres shares our philosophy by offering a high standard of treatment by dentists at a fraction of the cost typically found in a general dental practice.

Treatments offered at value dental centres includes:

– Porcelain Crowns $899 (back tooth)

– Dental Implants $2,999

– Wisdom tooth removal $999 (all four)

Value Dental Centres is owned by a group of 16 dentists who are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality dental treatment at the best possible prices.

Crown – $899

Dental crowns are required when a tooth has cracks or has lost a large amount of healthy tooth. They’re also generally recommended following root canal treatment. A dental crown can be thought of as a cap or covering that encloses a tooth thereby prolonging the life of the tooth.

Implant – $2999

A dental implant is the gold standard of tooth replacement. It is basically a titanium rod that is placed into your jawbone and an artificial tooth or crown placed on top. It is a fixed option to replace missing teeth, meaning that it does not have to be removed from your mouth and mimics a natural tooth better than any other tooth replacement.

Wisdom Teeth – $999 (4)

Wisdom Teeth are the very last teeth to come into your mouth. They may need removal if they cause pain, infection, swelling and damage to the jawbone and/or adjacent teeth. Most people have 4 wisdom teeth, 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom, and they usually erupt between the ages of 17 and 21.

Value Dental Centres only use the best quality TGA approved materials and all their crowns/bridges/veneers are made in Australian dental laboratories (not sent overseas like many other practices do in an attempt to drive down costs). Their dentists are highly skilled, with many even delivering training courses or mentoring to other dentists all around Australia. You’re in safe hands with a highly experienced team with 100+ years of combined experience.

    Similar to Australian Smile Clinics, Value Dental Centres also offer no deposit and no interest payment plans along with point of service health fund claiming and early release of super where eligible.

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