Australian Smile Clinics Vs Direct to Consumer Aligner Companies:

Australian Smile Clinics is owned by over 20 dentists who have combined together to bring down the cost of clear aligner therapy! We have been frustrated by seeing so many of our patients have poor outcomes from low cost direct to consumer aligner companies which are often based overseas. We understand our patients want value for money so we have negotiated with suppliers and created efficiencies in our processes and systems to keep costs low! Our aim is to allow everyone to be able to straighten their teeth and get the smile they want from registered dentists at an affordable price!
Although some direct-to-consumer companies have claimed on their websites that patients are entitled to a health fund rebate (see link here), this is not in fact the case. At Australian Smile Clinics, because all our treatment is administered by dentists, patients are entitled to a full rebate from most health funds. This can save our patients thousands of dollars off our ALREADY LOW PRICES.
Direct to consumer (DTC) companies, sell their aligners directly to the public. There is no in-person examinations or radiographs taken. The clients of these DTC companies either take their own moulds at home or are seen by so-called ‘professionals’ for a scan. These ‘professionals’ typically have no formal dental training. There are many stories of unfavourable outcomes through these corporate companies. Often, the lack of proper diagnosis and treatment planning can lead to irreversible damage to the teeth, gums and bite. Further, as you’re not seen by a dental professional, these DTC companies cannot place attachments on relevant teeth. Attachments assist in accurately and efficiently moving teeth. It also means these DTC companies are limited on the cases they can perform. We have noticed many of their before and after photos have been photoshopped – they can get away with this as they are not regulated by any governing body. At Australian Smile Clinics your treatment will be administered by dentists that are registered by the Australian Health Practioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). You will be seen in person by us and a relevant examination and radiographs taken. Our exam allows us to properly diagnose what is needed and the 3D radiographs allow us to visualise the roots of the teeth we’re planning to move, essentially reducing the chance of any potential negative outcomes and making tooth movements far more accurate and predictable. We can also place attachments onto your teeth decreasing treatment time and making it much more precise. Ultimately, Australian Smile Clinics are owned and operated by dentists! We’re not a corporate machine interested only in maximising profits. We place the interests of our patients first and foremost.