Real Cases | Transformed Smiles

Meet Elise, a young woman in her mid-20s. Elise sought our help at Australian Smile Clinics to address her smile concerns. She desired to correct upper and lower crowding discreetly and in a way that fit her busy schedule. With clear aligners, we were able to completely transform Elise’s smile in just 13 months, providing her with the confident and beautiful smile she always wanted.

This young lady presented to us wanting to improve her smile. She was concerned about the alignment of her front teeth, in particular, the way the central 2 teeth lean in and the other front teeth kick out. We were able to treat this patient with clear aligners in only 12 months. In the past, people with this type of bite and teeth are told that traditional wire braces are their only option with possible tooth removal. With advances in clear aligner technology and expertise of our dentists, we are able to provide predictable and beautiful smiles to our patients discreetly and without tooth removal.

Our very busy client, with a customer facing job, was bothered by her overlapping front teeth and crowding in the upper and lower front teeth. With a demanding work schedule, she wanted a teeth straightening solution that is discreet and fuss free. We were able to achieve a beautiful result via clear aligners and whitening. Remote monitoring ensured reduced visits to the practice but no compromise in dentist supervision. Treatment time: 14 months

This young lady had braces as teenager. However, there was gradual movement of teeth, especially because of not wearing a retainer. Gaps opened up in between her teeth. With a treatment time of around 12 months, we were able to close the gaps with clear aligners and restore a beautiful smile to this beautiful lady.

J had a complaint of spacing between his teeth. He was embarrassed with his smile and rarely smiled widely. Spaces in teeth can lead to speech issues, food impaction and bite. 6 months of clear aligner treatment and a course of whitening ensured this young man has a smile he is proud to show off.

Meet Ryan, a man in his mid-30s who longed to perfect his smile without the hassle of traditional braces. With concerns about crowding on his front teeth, both upper and lower, Ryan sought out Australian Smile Clinics for a discreet solution. Discovering our clear aligner treatment for no more than $3999, Ryan embarked on his journey to a beautiful smile. In just 15 months, he achieved the transformation he always dreamed of.

This is Karen, a lovely woman in her mid-60s who sought to enhance her smile. Concerned by overlapping and crowded teeth resulting from narrow arches, Karen dreamt of improvement but desired an age-appropriate and discreet teeth straightening solution. With clear aligners, our skilled dentists expanded Karen’s arch, aligned her teeth, and corrected her bite. In just 14 months, we completely transformed Karen’s smile

This young woman, Thais, sought to address upper and lower crowding, particularly overlapped canines. Australian Smile Clinics provided Thais with an affordable and discreet solution for teeth straightening using clear aligners. With our help, Thais achieved the smile she always wanted, confidently and invisibly.

Meet Glenn, a gentleman in his mid-50s who came to our clinic seeking to address upper and lower crowding, particularly overlapping front teeth. With clear aligners over just 12 months, our dentists were able to seamlessly align Glenn’s teeth, correcting his crossbite, and giving him the smile he’s always dreamed of.

This young man presented to us with a complaint of overlapping front teeth, crowding in his upper and lower teeth. Being a busy, young and active lad, he was keen to explore options that did not involve traditional metal braces to straighten his teeth. We were able correct all of his concerns with a 9 month course of clear aligner treatment.

This patient, in her late 40s, preferred not to disclose her full-face results but granted permission to share her de-identified before and after images. For years, she struggled with upper and lower crowding, but felt like there was no options beyond wire braces. That changed when she found Australian Smile Clinics, offering a solution for as little as $2699. With clear aligners, we discreetly corrected her smile in only 12 months.

This patient, in her late 20s, opted not to share her full-face results but permitted us to showcase her de-identified before and after images. Disliking the gaps in her smile, she sought our help. With clear aligners, we seamlessly closed these gaps and perfectly aligned her smile, discreetly and affordably.