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  • We’re Local: Conveniently located in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne(with more locations coming soon)
  • We’re Experts: Our Team are trained by the very best and have decades of experience
  • We Use The Latest Technology: Only the best equipment is used for to get you your perfect new smile
  • Our Clients Love Us: We have a vey long list of 5 star reviews on Facebook and Google
  • Flexible Payment Plans: Achieve your smile goals today with payment plans that are flexible & tailored to you.
  • We’re Friendly: You’ll never meet a more friendly and welcoming group of people
  • Customised Solutions: We’re committed to providing a plan that works for you.
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Clear Aligners Are As Low As $2,699!

At our clinics, we exclusively provide clear aligners as a treatment option. This singular focus allows us to offer significant cost savings to our patients, enabling them to straighten their teeth at a much lower cost than they would typically expect to pay elsewhere. In fact, our clear aligners can be as low as $2,699, while other providers may charge up to $8,000 for similar treatments.

Our cost savings are possible due to our investment in cutting-edge technology and an efficient, streamlined process. Furthermore, our extensive experience and expertise with clear aligner treatments allow us to consistently deliver high-quality results for our patients.

Rest assured that our singular focus on clear aligners and commitment to cost savings does not come at the expense of quality. At Australian Smiles Clinics, we are dedicated to providing our patients with the best possible outcomes every single time.

What Do Our Customers Say?

Traditional Braces VS. Clear Aligners

At Australian Smile Clinics, we can provide you with different treatment options to straighten your teeth. We offer fixed braces as well as clear aligners from reputable companies such as Invisalign and Clearcorrect. Braces are traditionally made of metal and attached to the outside of the teeth, although there are now different options for braces including ceramic and lingual (behind the teeth) braces. Metal wires and rubber bands are attached to the brackets to manipulate your teeth to correct orthodontic problems. Invisalign treatment uses clear, plastic aligners. The aligners are customised for you by making a 3D scan of your mouth. Customised aligners are then made to move the teeth in small steps until the correct position is reached. When you book in for your free consult, one of our friendly team will assist you in determining which one is best for you and what will get you the best result! A primary concern is always the amount for each of these. During your consultation we will talk you through investment amounts also to get you the very best price and value for money. We also offer ZERO DEPOSIT and NO INTEREST payment plans so you can get the treatment you need today without paying too much!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we list some of the questions most frequently asked by our patients! If there is anything you want to know that is not covered below our friendly staff would be more than happy to help! Please call or email us today!

The price is much lower than other dentists? It seems too good to be true!

We only deliver the one treatment, teeth straightening with Clear Aligners, sometimes referred to as Invisible or Clear Braces! By running a streamlined operation with the latest technology dedicated to only this service, we keep our Invisible aligners costs low. By focusing on only this select service, our dentists get extensive experience and become extremely efficient, further increasing the quality of our work and our efficiency. This means there’s even more savings to pass on to our patients!

My dentist tells me that if the price is so cheap, the quality is low. After all, you get what you pay for right?

This is incorrect. At Australian Smiles Clinics, we use the highest quality materials, all locally sourced from Australian suppliers, and TGA approved.

We proudly offer the highest quality results utilising cutting edge technology and we can say unequivocally that there is no compromise on quality at Australian Smiles Clinics and we do not cut corners, despite our low prices.

In a full-service dental surgery, a complete range of services is delivered which is often time consuming for dentists and requires a large volume of specific and costly materials, equipment, and instruments. Additionally, multiple support and administration staff are required to handle the volume of work associated with a full-service dentist. Here at Australian Smiles Clinics we have made a conscious decision to eliminate these procedures. By limiting our services to just clear aligners we are extremely efficient and we have been able to bring down operational costs significantly, and can pass these savings on to you, our patients.

So, while our Invisible Aligners cost much less than other dentists, we are a private company owned by a group of 23 dentists and we stand behind our quality 100%!

How qualified are your dentists and where are your dentists trained?

Most of our dentists are locally trained in leading universities around Australia. For our other dentists that have trained overseas in the UK, Europe, or the subcontinent, they have passed rigorous exams to ensure their suitability for Australian practice and have since had extensive experience in private practice settings around Australia. All our dentists have current Australian registration and engage in regular continuing education. Many of our dentists are even delivering teeth aligner training courses or mentoring to other dentists all around Australia in clear aligners. You’re in safe hands with a highly experienced team with 100+ years of combined experience. So while our invisalign cost is low, you can feel comfortable that you’re in good hands!

I need a clean and/or fillings and/or other services not listed on your website. Can you do this for me?

We love that you love our services and want to entrust all your dental care with us, however, to keep our invisible aligners cost as low as possible, we unfortunately are unable to provide all types of treatment at Australian Smiles Clinics. While we cannot do these treatments ourselves, we do have partner surgeries that are able to deliver these treatments for you, and we would be happy to make a recommendation. Alternatively, you can keep seeing your regular dentist for these treatments and see us for your clear aligner therapy.

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At Australian Smile Clinics, we offer ZERO DEPOSIT and NO INTEREST payment plans so you can get the treatment YOU need today and correct crowding problems early to prevent them from getting worse.

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